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This fall apple is releasing its iCloud for the iPad 2 and the anticipation is creating a stir in the iPad and iPad 2 communities.

You may have been seeing some of the advertisements on TV or on the Internet that apple is starting to showcase, these addvertisments give a hint about what iCloud for the iPad 2 is, what we want to do is explain what exactly iCloud can do for the iPad and iPad 2.

What is iCloud?

iCloud essentially is your own central server that stores all your music, photos, apps, calendars , documents and more. Once these items are stored in the iCloud they are wirelessly available to all your devices including the iPad 2. Apple has created a very easy way to manage your content.


iCloud creates a wireless pipeline to all your personal content, you will have instant access to your iTunes music, apps, photos and more through the iCloud. Your e-mail, contacts and calendars can be synched throughout all your devices, eliminating the need to manually transfer files or synching, there really is no management needed, as iCloud performs the management for you.


Signing up for your iCloud account gives you 5GB of free storage. Your purchased items such as apps, iTunes music, photos and books do not count as part of the 5GB of free storage. In reality the 5GB storage will serve most customers with more than enough storage. Your 16 GB iPad 2 just turned into a 22 GB iPad 2 with limitless music, photos and books. The cost to you equals nothing. iCloud for the iPad 2 is going to be a great benefit for the users.


iCloud for the iPad 2 will automatically download any new music purchases to all your devices over a wireless connection, or even over 3G. Lets say you are at your desktop and you download a newly purchased song from iTunes and later you are at the coffee shop surfing the net on your iPad 2, your purchased iTunes song from your desktop will automatically appear in your purchases on your iPad 2, allowing you to click a button to download the song so you can listen to it on your iPad 2 while at the coffee shop. The iCloud 2 for the iPad 2 will be like having a virtual storage device that is always accessible through wireless of 3G networks.

There is another paid option for around 25 dollars a year that will allow you to store your entire music collection that was not purchased through iTunes, in the iCloud. Apples iCloud will scan your music collection and then add the matched song from iTunes to your iCloud service. Currently apple has 18 million songs in the iTunes library, so finding a match should have a high percentage of success.

The great thing about this service is that when you listen to your matched song it will play at 256 Kbps in iTunes quality, meaning if your original copy was not recorded very well it will be guaranteed to be at a better sound quality through iCloud.


iCloud for the iPad 2 is not only a ground breaking service for sharing your media files across your devices, but also the iCloud will be an invaluable tool for business functionality. The iCloud will allow you to automatically synch your contacts, calendars, email and work documents throughout your devices, without you needing to manage them. Time is money in business and the iCloud will save you lots of time.

Now you should understand the hype surrounding the iCloud for the iPad 2.


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